Empresa - Obox Portable Store

prisma obox


BUSINESS Complete and customized solutions for your mobile business

VISION To be recognized as a winning company, formed with Winning Employees

MISSION Develop and sell products that satisfy the dreams of our customers, while developing the potential of the team and generating profit and pride to shareholders and investors.

VALUES Elite Team of people 100% committed to collective victories, working with simplicity, which is developed in a pressure environment through positive energy

Show me the Money
Profit as a result of value-added activities with suppliers, customers and community. A philosophy of generosity with team members. An atmosphere of Building Friends and Cultivating Friendships. Building relationships with Investors through sharing of risk and profit. Building relationships with clients through delivery with excellence.

Why not?
Create an attitude of facing challenges and constant dissatisfaction through innovation of processes of creation, production, management and marketing.