FAQ - Obox Portable Store - A loja pronta pra tudo


What are the dimensions of OBOX? 6,08m x 3,00m x 2,41m


How much does OBOX Weigh? Approximately 1.800Kg without customization.


How do you transport the OBOX? You can easily transport your OBOX with any truck with the same dimensions of the OBOX. Even a crane truck can be used for small distances.


How many OBOX’s can be used for the same store? You can use as many OBOX’s as you need. The modular structure of the OBOX allows you to build your store with the dimensions that you desire.


Where can I buy the OBOX? How much it is? The OBOX can be purchased right now. Contact us today!


Is any construction required to install my OBOX? No, its not! Outside of any existing local regulations, You just need a plain surface and an energy spot to run your OBOX from day one!


How is OBOX Made? The OBOX is manufactured with fiberglass and padding of expanded polystyrene (EPS), with two insulating elements that allows it to be extremely light. It is tough and easy to maintain, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transport. The OBOX is designed to be your shop, your business and not a simple container.