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  • OBOX Diletto
    OBOX Diletto Diletto 2013.2014
    A brand new way to sell ice creams: OBOX Diletto!
    Diletto´s premium ice cream concept is one of top seller and the biggest company in its segment.
    This first OBOX Diletto store is located in Outlet Premium Itupeva (São Paulo).
    To read more about Diletto:
  • OBOX Renault
    OBOX Renault Renault . Renault 2013/2014
    A new concept of retail office, 100% plug and play, called Renault Box Store. A brand new solution to be anywhere, that Renault is introducing to the Brazilian market.
  • OBOX Ipanema
    OBOX Ipanema Ipanema . Grendene 2012/2013
    A new store concept: OBOX Ipanema! Since December 15th, Ipanema embarked on a trip to Búzios proposing a new form of space, linking the concept of pop up store to a SPA refuge for vacationers . Installed on the famous Rua das Pedras, the pop up store was built as part of our commitment to matching the stylish and cool atmosphere of Búzios. The landscape design and natural elements harmonize with inviting banks and a huge outdoor area inviting passer-bys to stop and enjoy a bit of shade provided by the space.
    OBOX INFRAERO Airports . INFRAERO 2013/14
    The fastest and smartest solution to INFRAERO´s business offices to be installed in the brazilian airports. This OBOX MINI INFRAERO is located in Santos Dumont Airpot (Rio de Janeiro) and can be reallocated without any civil.
  • OBOX Yazigi
    OBOX Yazigi Yazigi . Grupo Multi 2013/2014
    Yazigi is now closer to its customers! July 2013 Yazigi officially launched the first OBOX Yazigi! A solution that allows for the expansion of the Group’s multiple brands by diversifying the service points that allows them to be closer to their customers. Released during YLTS 2013, OBOX Yazigi is one of the major attractions of the event. The OBOX Yazigi, a combination of design and technology, utilizes high thermal and acoustic comfort throughout the indoor environment providing a relaxing ambiance for its customers.
  • OBOX MINI Claro
    OBOX MINI Claro Claro Digital 2012/2013
    OBOX MINI Claro – Claro and OBOX have come together in an innovative new project! The new OBOX MINI is half the size of the original OBOX but still enough space to penetrate new markets with valuable retail space.

    In partnership with OBOX, Claro has just installed this market space to communicate and win customers in new developing marketplaces anywhere in Brazil! With the development of OBOX MINI Claro, the company will be installing these units in several regions of Brazil! Wait for a Clear MINI OBOX store near you soon!
  • OBOX Bilheteria
    OBOX Tickets Office Confedarations Cup 2013
    A solution with design and technology! OBOX combined with The Confederations Cup in June 2013 to showcase the OBOX technology as a box office for the new Mineirao and Maracana Stadiums.

    With a total of 12 OBOXs installed, 6 at each location, this was the solution to allow easy inflows of traffic for the incoming fans. The units were a harmonious complement to the innovative design of the newly inaugurated stadiums!
  • OBOX Pit Stop Skol
    OBOX Pit Stop Skol Pit Stop Skol 2011/2012
    OBOX SKOL Beer Pit Stop is an intelligent solution for Skol to be everywhere, ever closer to its customers.
  • OBOX Melissa Summer Spot
    OBOX Melissa Summer Spot Melissa . Grendene 2012/2013
    OBOX Melissa Summer Spot - On December 28, 2012, OBOX announced an innovative partnership with Melissa Summer Spot Brand in Shangri-La, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. The project is the first Portable Melissa Store with plans for further expansion.

    This urban and trendy Melissa Summer Spot store aims to be an adaptive store that can conform to any region of the world. The store’s identity will depend entirely on the location. The space provides several possibilities of clothing retail space and will feature local cultural outdoor scenes to complement.
  • OBOX DUPLO Pit Stop Skol
    OBOX DUPLO Pit Stop Skol Pit Stop Skol 2011/2012
    OBOX Skol Beer Pit Stop – This Skol Double Pit Stop model is created via the module OBOX concept, this store takes advantage of the modular system OBOX enables its clients to use and uses two modules to create this unique and innovative space!
  • OBOX Touch
    OBOX Touch Touch Watches 2011/2012
    OBOX Touch is the first franchise using the OBOX Portable Store Concept in Brazil!

    Touch is innovating once again!